To dilute drugs so you can make more money off of less substance.
Put the remix in the brick thats $20,000 profit
by Better Known As Street December 1, 2011
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1.Expression used when someone wants or needs a better version of a really bad song.
2.When someone needs to relax, to chill, calm down
3.Expression used when someone wants or needs something better, or upgraded, or of a higher level (remix)
1."This Micheal Jackson song is awful...yo man i need the remix though..."
"yo man, i think you need the remix..."
3. "This computer is too slow...i need the remix..."
by Dj Chris February 22, 2007
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A modified version of the song used to suck out more money out of the fan base or wannabes.
Tommy: Did you listen to X's new remix?

Alex: I don't listen to remixes bro their for mindless drones.

Tommy: Why is that?

Alex: There just meant to make more money out of basically the same song; seems like a talentless effort for me.

Tommy: roger that.
by Keeps0 November 6, 2009
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1. that guy you see and just think, Wow, what the hell is he doing.

2. A loser

3. One who thinks that they are cool, when they clearly are not.
Man, that guy is so remix.
by msfz December 18, 2008
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1. A significant change to a song while still preserving its original melody, a small change is called an edit. Remixes are very frequently performed in the EDM genre to the point where they are almost expected of any decent song. In the EDM genre remixes can be performed by the original artist, a permitted artist, or as a bootleg remix. Presently, remixing has become popular with rap/hip-hop as well though it is done quite ineffectively. Remixes performed by secondary artists on EDM music are generally considered a sign of great respect and appreciation whereas secondary artist remixes in rap are considered mockery or theft (because we all know that music is an industry, not an art medium)

2. Generally, any alteration to an existing object.

3. The act of making a remix.
1a. Have you heard the Mark Norman remix of Sasha's Xpander? It really brings a modern sound to a great classic.

1b. The court case G-thugg v. Yung Jackass was settled earlier this afternoon in which Yung Jackass was sentenced to pay G-thugg $2 million, the amount of money that Yung Jackass made off of his remix of G-thugg's song "Spinner booty in the club while gangbanging in the hood. Chevy Avalanche."

2. Have you played Midnight Club: L.A. Remix?

3. DJ Tatana plans to remix AVB's Shivers sometime next week.
by Solypsys March 18, 2009
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Not being bi-racial, but having one bi-racial parent, and the other being a full race. Remixing with someone who is already mixed.
Q: "hey are you mixed? like is your mom white, and your dad black?"
A: "not i'm not, i'm a remix. my mom is mixed and my dad is black. so I've been remixed with someone who was already mixed."
by Olivia Meadows March 29, 2008
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when someone doesn't know all the words to a song so they add their own
So A and B in the car and Beyonce Single Ladies comes on

A: I you liked it you should have put a thing on it....

Don't give me things of this world I want to be that girl....
B: I know you ain't remixing her song like dat stop it please
by thedutchesst July 21, 2009
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