A reminder of something from one's youth. A reminder not of something to come, but something that has already happened, it causes you to rewind your memory.
I was in this bar and heard the Violent Femmes' "Add It Up", it was a total rewinder to summer of eighth grade.
by Thursday Three June 3, 2011
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In the drum and bass scene, the DJ's practice of replaying a record that has been enthusiastically received by the audience. Spectators "call for a rewind" by holding cigarette lighters in the air; if there is enough demand, the DJ will spin the record backward and play it from the beginning.
The crowd loved that track so much that I had to do three rewinds.
by Greenie December 11, 2003
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What's the name of that boy you like again? Is his name rewind?
by Girl that loves shipping :3 April 11, 2022
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going back to a previous place in time
"If I control rewind, I would want, Fortnite and Mark Ass Brownlee." - Will Smith 2018
by aarondaelephanttipple January 21, 2019
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An interjection commanding someone to repeat a particularly surprising or shocking statement.
In this use, the emphasis is on the first syllable.
REwind--you did WHAT with him?!
by LJo February 9, 2006
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to ask for a repeat;
to reminisce or remember;
also see backflip
K: slkeiirekke J: Rewind!
Being at this place makes me rewind to 93
by J. April 2, 2003
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Verb meaning to go back and scan your chat for things you said but don't remember cause you go sucked into a chat black hole
zincink: you have a bass drum on your head
shanen: cant miss
zincink: how can you even see
Jam_Man: No i dun
zincink: rewind your chat and look
zincink: lol
by zincink January 7, 2009
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