1. Some of the sweetest instruments in marching band. Starts at #1 (usually carried by the smallest member) and increases in size. High schools normally have around four or five. Colleges/universities usually have many more.
2. That really big drum in concert band/pit.
1. Person 1- So you play bass drum?
Person 2- Yeah.
Person 1- Sweet.

2. Person 1- Oooh! BIIIIG drum! How purdy!
Person 2- That's the Bass Drum.
by Crazy Sarah August 16, 2006
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The biggest instruments on the drum line. usually 5 of them each at different pitches to make a melodic sound to the drum line. The bigger the better.
Color guard #1:look at that bass drummer!
Colorguard#2: Yah! he's hot!!!
by B.B. Prince December 31, 2010
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Rimming (licking) the arsehole while spanking the buttocks.
"Bitsy from Sexpots loves it when I give her the Rusty Bass Drum."
by Producer Paul August 7, 2020
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A marching instrument usually used along with other bass drums which are pitched from a low to a high sound. They often have different sizes.
Our bottom marching bass drum is the lowest!
by Bishop January 12, 2005
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When you have 10 or more bass drums for a marching band parade and everyone keeps hitting each other’s drums because they have no peripheral vision skills
Welcome to the bass drum clusterfuck.
by USfyre April 9, 2021
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A drumline tradition during which new bass drummers must stand on their heads while inside their harnesses being held up by their drums. After this they are officially part of the marching band. (Filming is optional but highly recommended.)
Shannon: Hey Jack get over here!
Jack: *starts walking*
Jack: *scared* ok... *puts on drum*
Shannon: *pushes Jack onto the ground head first and makes him do a bass drum roll*
*Pat walks over and starts filming*
Jack: Are you filming yet?
Pat: No not yet
*This continues for two minutes*
by Russian_Tinkerbell October 27, 2013
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The only possible explanation for all the loud booming that comes from a low rider car. There must be a Mexican in the trunk with a bass drum.
El Bajito Loco drives up and down the street with a Mexican in the trunk with a bass drum. The Mexican keeps beating on that drum, perhaps to let everyone know he's in there.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
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