n. a soft, non tough person.
That guy jumped me with his Mark Ass.
by mark ass July 27, 2009
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(adj) Very pathetic, characteristic of a "mark", or one who is easily owned or taken down. A synonym of weak sauce.
"Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia some mark-ass bitches..." -2pac, "Hit 'em up"

(beirut game)
Adam: "Game over, motherfuckers!"
(squirrelly shot falls 2 feet short)
Nick: "What a mark-ass shot!"
Simon: "Weak sauce!"
Paul: "Alligator arm!"
(Adam runs away crying)
by Nick D February 17, 2005
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A person that is always labeled as a snitch or a suck ass or someone that gets into people's business
Joe was telling my boss that he seen me take an extra 5 minutes for lunch... That mark ass mark needs to mind his own business.
by Skully P July 31, 2018
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Easy piece
Calling somone this is saying they are easy to fuck
by Shane and Alberto November 07, 2007
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A stupid bitch who fucks with people's shit.
That mark ass trick just keyed my car!
You scuffed my shoe you mark ass trick.
That mark ass trick took my weed.
by sammy davis February 18, 2005
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The worst type of bitch, one who is a "mark", which means that he/she is a target that is very vulnerable to attack from others. Like a sitting duck. Calling someone this implies that you intend to murder them or do them harm in some way, or that you suspect someone else will, and that they deserve what's coming to them.
"Biggie Smalls and Jr. Mafia some mark-ass bitches." -2pac ("Hit 'em up")
by Nick D July 14, 2004
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