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checking out a home, car, object etc...looking to see what could be stolen..
Some wackjob was casing the joint when I left the house.
by zincink August 15, 2006

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The Vatican's outrageous see-thru vehicle orb in which the Pope rides..A shiny glass encased dome of catholic Mercedes goodness. It also has an hydraulic chair to life the Pope master inside.
If gang members knew the effectiveness of the popemobile, they would be investing in the same vehicles for drive-bys.
by zincink January 16, 2009

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Verb meaning to go back and scan your chat for things you said but don't remember cause you go sucked into a chat black hole
zincink: you have a bass drum on your head
shanen: cant miss
zincink: how can you even see
Jam_Man: No i dun
zincink: rewind your chat and look
zincink: lol
by zincink January 06, 2009

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A combination of straight, gay, bisexual and all those linked together. A life form that will do "it" with almost anyone, anything at any time no preferences. Desperation.
Bob is nothing more than a trisexual. He'll practically do it with anything, anyone.
by zincink January 21, 2009

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