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23 definitions by aarondaelephanttipple

A term used for knowing jack shit and telling people you are going to come back to it later when you never actually do.
Reporter: What are the plans in the Biden/Harris Administration to deal with COVID?
Jen Psaki: That's a very good question, I'm going to have to circle back on that one and come back to you.
by aarondaelephanttipple February 3, 2021
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He ate 4,594,120 doughnuts today, so therefore he is fat. However, if he worked out, he could lose the weight.
by aarondaelephanttipple June 20, 2018
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Another way of saying that you farted
When my parents smelled that disgusting stench in the car, it was pretty clear to them that I have been cutting the cheese.
by aarondaelephanttipple June 20, 2018
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going back to a previous place in time
"If I control rewind, I would want, Fortnite and Mark Ass Brownlee." - Will Smith 2018
by aarondaelephanttipple January 21, 2019
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A prehistoric dinosaur in the shape of a nipple.
The Nipple T-Rex was responsible for the creation of milk which happened 240 million years ago!
by aarondaelephanttipple June 19, 2018
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A woman who looks fat because she is having a baby!
Graham: Eww! You look so fat! Lose some weight!
Hailey: I'm not fat, I'm just pregnant!
by aarondaelephanttipple June 23, 2018
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A person who has sexual preferences more to their same sex.
Paige: Hey Max, I think you should date Rachel, she has been all over you!
Max: No, I wanna go on a date with Rachel's brother Benjamin. I'm a homosexual!
by aarondaelephanttipple June 23, 2018
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