An "Indie Chick" Is someone who likes bands who are not signed to a big record label - but bnads who are signed to an 'independant' record label. Their music is indie/rock
"There's loads of indie Chick's at Glastonbury this year!"
by Angela_the_indie_kid September 20, 2003
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Even trying to describe an indie girl is fake. You can't because she's no one thing, she doesn't want a label, then she'd be constrained. She changes according to her mood, which is completely ephemeral just like her nature. Past definitions seem to be from indie girl wannabes and guys who have been hurt by indie girls or indie girl posers. APPARENTLY, I am an 'indie chick'. Someone called me that today and i had to look it up, what on earth is an 'indie chick'? She's usually hard on herself and extremely fragile under her seemingly tough and effortless being. She's feisty and sensitive, friendly and reserved or anything in between.
"I like your shirt."

indie chick: "Thanks it's just a sarong tied here and here."

"You're a cool chick."

indie chick: "Your just saying that because I cried."
by dancing_lima May 28, 2009
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A girl with fashionable clothes, but is trying to be "different" when she is infact the exact same as every other indie girl every where.

she always wears skirts with cardigans of different colours, mainly with their tops tucker in to their skirts
and waist belts

and a beanie hat

with a variety of multi coloured tights,

clothes are mainly bought from

- top shop
- urband outfitt
- vintage

these girls are either complete stuck up bitches or really nice.

there music is indie - obv.
and they like un-signed bands

they like bright colours.
by --EMMA July 11, 2008
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A regular street corner Indiana chick.
I'm gonna DEMON-SLAP that Indie chick right across the road.
by Hixy December 6, 2004
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Indie Chicks don't just like Independent bands, they live independently. They listen to cool music whether it's in or out of style, they wear the clothes they like no matter what other people say, and they don't take crap from anyone. She will research new bands not to be a 'hipster' or 'discover them first,' but because they are a cool band that she enjoys listening to.
Man, that Indie Chick really has her own style.
by Azilelymon March 28, 2013
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Indie chicks are people that weaar anything they want , listen to anything they want and dont care what people say about it.normally are not people who are fay , ugly and cant get a boyfreind
for example indie chicks listen to sam sparrow , kate nash, panic at the disco and stuff like that and wear skinnies bright tops and bright make-up
by Taylaa laydee May 3, 2008
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