An incredibly wealthy East Coast girl. An heir to some family fortune. High class, bratty, spoiled, private school educated. Term was coined in Wil Glavin's novel, The Venerable Vincent Beattie. The girls are known for wearing Moncler jackets, Hermes Clic H bracelets, Van Cleef jewelry and fur vests.
Bro, saw three Moncler Girls at Lavo last night. They were only there to drink though, didn't look at a single guy once.
by dxyork1 September 5, 2020
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Kz Moncler is an English recording artist from Bristol, England. His moniker is derived from his nickname being Kz followed by the popular designer brand Moncler.
by not kz March 9, 2022
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U pay a shitload of money for a regular jacket, then u look like a puffy douchemellow. U also become a big target for muggers.
Man 1:My friend was mugged when he was walking around with his friends
Man 2: Why was he only robbed
Man 1: He was wearing a Moncler jacket, so the muggers knew he was extremely rich and had a shit-load of money on him
by Matt Smorgasboard February 23, 2011
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