A drama filled town in south jersey. Filled with every type of kid you could imagine and many whores. Very few relationships last and crazy shit is always going on. The only real place to hang out is the mall which got old when we were 12. Drama is ridiculous and everyone talks shit on everyone. For some reason many teenagers have passed away in this town. Freshman girls in the high school are always little sluts.
"WOW that girl is crazy!"
"Right, she must be from Deptford."
"I think she is."
"We need somewhere to chill!"
"Well we live in Deptford so there is the mall, but oh god i will not go there with the 12 year old whores on Friday nights"
by represent 09! April 5, 2008
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A crazy place in south east london. Populated by roadmen and skets. It is in blue borough which is scary. It features the ghetto boys
roadman 1: wagwan what are your endz g
roadman 2:deptford fam
roadman 1: shit bro
roadman 2: shanks roadman 1
by adamjohnsonreal May 14, 2020
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the only town worth living in in jersey. almost everyone gets hyphy and thizz. a lot of good kids have died here. sleep easy to all of them and we'll never forget u. no one can bang like a dtown person, hardly. the village is the banginest neighborgood
Lets all get high, because it is deptford
by tressa f. June 16, 2008
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A small town in South Jersey. East of West Deptford, the superior township. They claim to be the better town, and refuse to change their town name to East Deptford, which would allow outsiders to finally figure out the difference between the two, despite protests, petitions, and death threats.
"Yo, my cousin says you live in Deptford"
"West Deptford."
"Eh, same thing."
"This is why they need to change their name's to East Deptford."
by Spamaghetti October 18, 2018
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A girl from Deptford that talk shit on each other, steals each other’s boyfriend, and block you for no reason yet when you block then they get mad, will do anything for drugs (even make out with Steve) you skanks. They call you abusive and toxic even when you don’t do anything, and to top that they can’t even keep a relationship but bitch on snap how they can never find a loyal man but will go to a drug dealer and get played like a flute, they even passed an unstoppable medal from call of duty if you know what I mean.
“Jim have you heard about that girl Katie”
“Yeah I heard she’s a real deptford girl
“Dude I even heard she got a unstoppable medal bro, that’s like 30+ bodies)
by DeptfordGirlsAreBitches July 23, 2020
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West deptford New Jersey is a big but not too big town in south jersey. A quiet town that cares about their high schools football team, more than their taxes. Known to make great athletes and lots of sluts with a good majority of freaks. But one thing that is always to be remembered in west deptford is... Fuck haddonfield
by Matty zit November 19, 2013
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west deptford-the hometown of kids that act like they're bloods or crips even though they live in a suburban town in new jersey. west deptford is filled with sluts that will do anything for weed or alcohol and guys that like to take advantage of girls. they're also obsessed with football games and the eagles (i mean, their mascot is an eagle) and basically every teenager smokes weed. there's a huuuuuuge amount of drama as well. you'll get jumped for even looking in someones direction.
"ew you live in west deptford?"
"lmao sadly"
by smoke weed eryday November 20, 2019
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