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A drama filled town in south jersey. Filled with every type of kid you could imagine and many whores. Very few relationships last and crazy shit is always going on. The only real place to hang out is the mall which got old when we were 12. Drama is ridiculous and everyone talks shit on everyone. For some reason many teenagers have passed away in this town. Freshman girls in the high school are always little sluts.
"WOW that girl is crazy!"
"Right, she must be from Deptford."
"I think she is."
"We need somewhere to chill!"
"Well we live in Deptford so there is the mall, but oh god i will not go there with the 12 year old whores on Friday nights"
by represent 09! April 05, 2008
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the only town worth living in in jersey. almost everyone gets hyphy and thizz. a lot of good kids have died here. sleep easy to all of them and we'll never forget u. no one can bang like a dtown person, hardly. the village is the banginest neighborgood
Lets all get high, because it is deptford
by tressa f. June 15, 2008
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