Best waifu for weebs in 2k17 from Re:Zero
No joke. Rem is my best waifu ever!!! (2k17)

- The Almighty Weeb -
by Sakutaro March 18, 2017
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Best waifu for weebs in from Re:Zero

Rem (レム) is a maid in service of lord Roswaal L Mathers, alongside her sister, Ram. She is one of the main supporting characters of Re:Zero, with major roles in Arc 2, Arc 3, and Arc 7 of the light novel Re:Zero. During the first half of Arc 2, she also served as the secondary antagonist. Rem is skilled at Water Magic. Roswaal, who taught her how to use it, estimates her skill as being in was above average but nothing exceptional. She is able to attack and heal using her magic.

As she is an Oni, Rem can enter her Oni Form, manifesting a single white horn on her forehead. As an Oni, Rem, like the rest of her race, has physical attributes that surpass that of regular humans.
>According to the author, Rem's birthday is February 2, the same as her twin sister Ram.
>Rem likes to read in her spare time.
>She normally handles 80% of the workload in the mansion on her own. Subaru is usually paired up with Ram to take care of the rest of it.
>Rem's rapid popularity surprised even the author himself, although he had mentioned that he somewhat anticipated it.
>She can smell the Witch's Scent, something only those who have been in close contact with an Authority user are capable of.
>She is also the first character to profess her feelings towards Subaru.
by ラム May 17, 2021
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Short for remedial also use remy
by matt February 12, 2004
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A word of unknown origin which describes behaviour unbefitting of ones intelligence level.
You burnt the cabbage you fucking rem

You need to sort your face out, what are you, some kind of rem
by cedan June 1, 2011
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name of Death God who gets poon everyday
"Dude, word on the street is that Rem is down there on Earth, pickin' up, like, 8 humans at a time!"
by nyaakittehs April 6, 2009
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short for REMtard, or retard...also rem boy and remmy, u get the idea
"fuck off you rem" also "you're such a rem"
by PJ August 20, 2004
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