1- giving or intended as a remedy or cure.
"remedial surgery"


2- provided or intended for children with learning difficulties.
"remedial education"


3- an insult to suggest someone has learning difficulties
1- "The remedial herb cured Joe Bloggs errectile dysfunction."
2- "Joe Bloggs was in need of some serious remedial education."
3- "The last person to try and add remedial to Urban Dictionary as 'Remidial' is a remedial"
by ImAFuckingTriangle October 23, 2015
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a synonym for stupid, pointing out someone is remedial rather than callin them stupid ensures you look anything but remedial.
you did what? quit actin remedial
by max powers March 22, 2003
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remedial means you retarded, nice way to say it
day-day tries to get out of the car and leaves his seat belt on

Craig:come on get out playboy, you know what? you remedial
Day-Day:da hell do that mean?
by Dont worry bout it September 13, 2004
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Used as a stand-in for retarded, this term was coined at Washington College to describe certain members of the student body. The meaning of the word has since widened, to describe anything weird, dumb, or just flat out wrong.
Jack! Your eating out of the hot chocolate powder?! Boie, your remedial!!!
by TheBluEagle86 July 6, 2017
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He's a rapper and hip-hop producer affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan. "Seen It All" and "Never Again" are two amazing songs by him.
Remedy is the very 1st Jewish rapper to be affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ November 30, 2010
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A medicine to treat a disease or an injury.
The ancient Egyptians used a special remedy for every type of disease.
by In-jail-out-$oon June 10, 2019
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A beautiful, super hot, charming, witty, intelligent, full of life girl who loves to have fun. Will talk to most anyone and is open to try new things. She knows exactly what she wants and won't put up with anyone's crap. Wanted by tons of guys, even though she doesn't kmow it. Not the biggest fan of relationships. She refuses to have her heart broken. She's pretty much the perfect girl.
Guy: I'm so sick of being lonely.

Guy: Man, you need to find yourelf a girl like Remedy.
by Big Booty hoe February 10, 2013
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