remmy will always be the kindest person in the room remmy is also very cute and way more amazing than me
remmy is one of the best people you will ever meet in your life
by Pear on break September 18, 2021
in deaf culture, the word "remember" is shortened to remmy.
I remmy you!
by "Norma Rae" July 27, 2009
A beautiful and funny girl that can always make you smile or laugh. She's perfect in every way. Yet there is a mysterious factor that will draw you closer to her. She wont judge you, no matter what it is, and is always there to listen.
friend: Your girlfriend is such a Remmi!
you: I know, isn't she great!
by djchrisychris June 27, 2014
She is the prettiest girl you will ever meet. She is super sweet and thoughtful. You can always count on her to have your back. She is very outgoing and always has her mind set to do something.
Boy 1:Who's that? She's pretty!
Boy 2:Yeah she's definitely a Remmie!
by softballgirls July 9, 2020
The most beautiful girl in the 3rd grade. She is smart and funny and has the nicest mom ever!! Remmys are always super nice sweet and so caring. Remmys usually have a lot of siblings and they are super sweet
Hey your so nice! I know I'm a remmy
by Rembuggy July 17, 2019