Sexcccc, she/he is really smart and intelligent and no one can put smart her/him. Takes caution, quiet, loud around friends, cute, shy, outgoing, idiot, funny.
A person born on February 2 is ......
by Donkeyivjrt October 28, 2019
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best day ever. it’s slap your sibling day! if you don’t have a sibling, slap your tall best friend
Hey it’s February 2nd you know what that means right? *slaps brother*
by October 10, 2021
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Jack:What’s today?
Kate:February 2nd.Why?
Jack: Oh that reminds me of something.
(Jack kisses Kate)
by Anonymouschildd January 31, 2020
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Someone who is funny athletic and nice.
Her: her birthday is February 2nd?
Him: yeah that’s why she’s so nice.
by Cat in a butt November 2, 2019
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“I can’t wait till April, so imma smokes blunt on February 2”
by SmokinFiji October 15, 2019
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If u born on this day u lonely as hell go get some friends
Happy birthdayi say to myself in the mirror. I love February 2 :’(
by Alethecrackhead October 17, 2019
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