Short for relative. Name for close friends and like-minded people.
"What up, rellie?!"
"That's my rellie . . ."
"We been rellies for a minute."
by extrapolated March 22, 2006
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relative/cousin/homeboy. possibly introduced by Mac Dre, or at least that was the first time I had heard it.
this nigga edgar was cool, soon became my relly, he was more than a celly

from "Morals and Standards" on Al Boo Boo
by raphizzle May 15, 2007
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i had to put up with the missus rellies all weekend mate. Spewin.
by herbie August 31, 2004
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Short for relative. Another word for a close friend.
What'cha got dealin for your birthday relli?
by Peril May 20, 2006
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a word most commonly used by people in blood gangs. meaning "my nigga, or bro"
Example 1
guy 1- aye you know Dre?
guy 2-yeah bro that's my Relli !

Example 2
guy 1-whats up bro
guy 2-whats good relli
by Criplovehoe November 17, 2013
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Shortened word for relative or very close friend. Much like the term "brutha".
Joe (to his friend):Wassup my relly?
by Tim Noonan May 31, 2008
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Shortened term for cigarillo. A small (sometimes flavored) cigar. Often related to marijuana, or containing tobacco.
Me: hey, grab a relly on your way over.

Sarah: ok, but you're smoking me out when I get there!
by ptrick07 January 30, 2016
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