Small cigar which can be the size of a cigarette to almost the size of a cigar. They're smoked like a cigar but take about the same amount of time to smoke as a cigarette and don't fuck up your lungs. They also taste a shitload better. So anyone who bashes them has no idea what they're talking about. Also, blunts are for re-rolling, not cigarillos. Long live the cigarillo.
Bob: Eh you got a cigarillo?
Ed: What are you gay? Have a cigarette like a real man.
Bob: (Pulls out glock and pistol whips Ed, lights up a cigarette, and forces him to inhale it at gunpoint. Screams YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU BITCH!!!! SUCK ON IT!!! SUCK ON IT!!!!! He does this for every cigarette Ed has on him until he is in a coughing fit and ready to pass out. He buys a pack of cigarillos, smokes one and shares one with Ed. He says isn't that better?)
Ed: {whimper} y-yeess
Bob: CIGARILLOS! {Empties mag into the air}
by Da Mack Dizzle February 15, 2007
1. a mix between a cigar and an armadillo; an armadillo stuffed with tobacco, with the purpose of being smoked.
Dude #1: Man, i gotta get my smoke on! But all i got on me is some loose tobacco, and this armadillo.

Dude #2: Dude, that's all you need to roll a cigarillo!

Dude #1: O yeah! Sweet!
by ilsils April 11, 2007
Cigarillos are cheap cigars, about 59 cents a piece. Most people use them for stuffing other substances, normally marijuana, into forming a tight, fat blunt.
"We stuffed 5 grams into a cigarillo rather then rolling a blunt."

"Hey man, go pick up a cigarillo, and Ill stuff a blunt."
by Johnald March 22, 2006
When a person bound for jail stuffs a cigar clipper into their asshole so that when someone tries to butt-rape them, they squeeze their cheeks together and it cuts off the offender's penis.
Person 1: Dude, you're gonna get raped in jail.
Person 2: Fuck that, man. I'll give that bitch the cigarillo.
by SDeezy March 3, 2008
Shitty excuse for a cigar that only pieces of human waste buy.
Some dickwad came into my CVS and asked for a pack of cigarillos. I told him to fuck off.
by aaaack September 16, 2005
A tobacco product involving use of tobacco leaves and brown papers making the overall product bigger than a cigarette but smaller than a standard cigar.
Jamie smoked two cigarillos on her way to work this morning.
by Strawberry Pterodactyls August 17, 2018
crappy mini versions of cigars (un filtered tobacco in tobacco leaves) usually they come in a tin of about ten, but pretty good for rolling blunts.
"Yo Raquel! Got a cig?"
"What chu doin smokin cigs? Shotgun has some cigarillos, those are hella better than cigs anyways man."