a close hommie that'll do anything with ya and always shares da bud.
"hey brutha pass da joint"
by trippy weazle April 26, 2004
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A black person; The black analogy of the white word buddy
My closest bruthas stick round when the shit goes down
by Rastaguy2 May 4, 2009
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A young person who helps sports teams with water bottles and towels.
My brutha is special. He helps people on the hockey team with their sticks and water bottles and things.
by TrishaE September 4, 2019
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The name of the most talented R&B group in the music industry today. Brutha is signed to Island Def Jam and they were the stars of a popular BET show called Brothers to Brutha. This group is comprised of 5 actual brothers: Anthony, Grady, Jared, Papa, and Jake. In late spring/early summer of 2010, Brutha is expected to release their highly anticipated album called Vacancy. The first single entitled "One Day on This Earth" was written by R Kelly. The 2nd single is called "Sexaholic" and will be released very soon!
If you love Brutha, you should follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/brutha!!!

Brutha is the definition of true talent!
by MM_BruthaTeam April 11, 2010
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A well dressed and presented black man that, is very popular with tha girls and can get any woman he wants.
What Is Up Brutha James!
by Holla Back February 23, 2003
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