When someone is dealin, that individual is exhibiting the traits of an ace on the bump and is proceeding to miss bats and or break them. Synonyms: dicin, shovin, throwin ched.
Baseball Guyer1: Wow another 3 up and 3 down inning there.

Baseball Guyer2: Ya. He's dealin.
by dat_guyer May 11, 2017
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The act of distributing something like weapons or gnarly drugs like weed, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, fentanyl, acid, ketamine, black tar heroin, and Tan mdpv used by John mcafee.
Question form: Yo dawg, you dealin?
Statement form: Little Timmy is always dealin out back when school is over.
by Pee Doge January 5, 2021
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When you’re done wheeling.
Hey girl you’re a total snack I’m done wheeling with you. It’s time to start dealin.
by Chatham snack February 7, 2020
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to make your presence known in a social scene to the sex you are trying to pick up.

'Wheeling and Dealing', another phrase commonly used with this one. Means the same basically
ex 1."yo, jimmy check out all these hotties tonight!"
"yeh, ive been talking with them all"
"you've really been Dealin your cards eh! ;)" <--- Dealin Cards

ex 2. "yo jimmy, been noticing you talk to all these cuties"
"yeh bro, been wheeling and Dealing"
by M "Romeo" G June 23, 2009
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A greeting, or another way of saying what's up. When one asks another what's on their agenda.
what's dealin on your end today my relli?
by Peril May 20, 2006
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To have so much swag that you are Real Dealin Gang Bangin Sex Appealin'
Real Deal: Real Deal, Sex appeal, fresher than the color teal.

Youtube viewer: Oh shit hes Real Dealin Gang Bangin Sex Appealin'
by JDiZZlExxXX420 March 2, 2011
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