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the cum that squirts out of the vagina after a man ejaculates into her.
He: AAAaaah.
She: quick! get me a towel before i get it on the on the sheets!
He: rejaculation's a bitch.
by herbedUP September 14, 2009
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Rejaculation is where you want to blow your wad, but can't, so you keep trying until you do.
"If you want to get preggers," said Tyrone to Suzie, "I'm going to have to try for a rejaculation, so keep pumping."

"Unnngha, aaargh!" said Suzie, grinding her muff against his turgid meat pipe.
by scodder June 30, 2010
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The semen that comes out after the ejaculation eruption.
After whacking it and cleaning up, I was watching TV and then when I got up ten minutes later, I felt the rejaculation on my leg.
by Mace Windu L. Jackson August 28, 2005
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When a dude experiences extreme sexual release while simultaneously being rejected by a girl he has just asked out.
Tom experienced his first rejaculation experience in the school yard after Becky turned him down for prom. His heart might have been broken, but his junk had never felt more alive!
by Mottstravaganza September 04, 2019
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