Also known as a reimbursement.
I would like an item reimbursal.
by j00lio June 5, 2005
repay (a person who has spent or lost money).
"we'll reimburse you out of petty cash"
by AlekhyaDas August 14, 2014
The act of defacating on another being after they have recently passed stool in an attempt to restore or "reimburse them."
"After that big shit i took i was dying toget some Fecal Reimbursement"
by Tai Mai shoo December 17, 2008
Complicated series of dance moves required to get money back from the Treasurer. This is after spending your own money for company business. First you need to find all partners (the signer, the payee, and the treasurer,) and get them in the same room.

Once the dance card is full, you must have your paperwork in order or the whole dance will end and you have to start all over.
Alison*: Holly, are you ready to dance! It's Reimbursement Shuffle time!

Holly*: (look of terror) Oh god, no! can't you just donate it to the company? I am not in the groove for the Reimbursement Shuffle.
by Prissy99 April 29, 2009
AKA "boobies", particularly if they're C-cup or larger. As we all know, a guy will grant 'most any ordinary request from a buxom gal while she's nestling her ample chest-pillows against him (especially if it's direct skin-to-skin contact), and so as long as she lovingly clasps him in her arms and "supplies" him with her soft warm comforting ta-tas pressed firmly against his chest as "payment" for his efforts, he'll keep massaging her back.
I sometimes get totally achy arms from giving Tiffany a three-quarter-hour-long back-rub, but how can I stop when she is continuously "recompensing" me for my services with her built-in back-rub reimbursement???
by QuacksO August 28, 2017