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Performing sexual penetration of penis to vagina without a condom. Usually symbolizing more. Reserved and used only with someone special.
Juan was out of condoms so he went skin-to-skin on Kensey.
by ClamFest January 24, 2012
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When a newborn is held immediately by its birth mother / father or other mother - skin to skin at birth is crucial for human attachment & helps kickstart the amygdala of the brain (the happiness centre)
When I gave birth to my baby girl / boy , I immediately scooped her /him up into SkinToSkin contact .
by SkinToSkin Guru May 29, 2018
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SkinToSkin is mammalian behaviour which involves a mother holding her newborn at birth and is also known as the first embrace - despite some trying to question its benefits the evidence is now roaring loudly at us- human mammals benefit from SkinToSkin . It's about love
When I had my caesarean section I insisted that my baby was passed to me and I needn't have worried , the midwife knew all about SkinToSkin contact and the benefits it can bring - she was amazing .
by SkinToSkin Guru May 30, 2018
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