7 in number and having the toughest entrance exam possible. The students preparing for its entrance think that life would become easy once they get in, but that is not to be. The real tough battle starts there in. The regular studying freaks still manage to get good CGPA's while the others hover around pretty low and abyssmal CGPA's. The stress on having good CGPA's is huge and therefore can give sleepless nights to many. But many are pretty fine with it and call themselves "studs" and the donkey like studying population are called "maggus".
stud iitian : so wassup?

maggu iitian : completed revision of 3 chapters of analog electronics and 2 chapters more are yet to be revised for tomorrow's paper.

stud iitian : oh! but what's the syllabus?
by Aditya Deorha February 06, 2008
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Engineering colleges in India famous for producing world class engineers. But they forget to mention that one can find the country's biggest supply of nerds and yokels there. Asshats there think that it is hep to wear bathroom slippers to the classrooms..Disgusting!!! Ofcourse there is other kind of IITian exactly opposite of the above mentioned but he is lost somewhere in the jungle of asinine nerds.
Nerd IITian: Hey machha, I have completed all the assignments and reports.
Coolguy IITian: good for you. Do you mind copying them for me as well.
Nerd IITian: Ofcourse not. Its actually advantageous for me. I will have a revision myself.
by IIT ka azaad panchi April 03, 2004
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Acronym for "It's In The Script" - a quick and easy response to any query questioning something unrealistic, inconsistent or just plain stupid seen on TV or in film.
Pete: "How the hell could Jeff Goldblum upload a virus to the alien mothership using a Mac?"

John: "IITS."
by bohdave July 15, 2008
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The Illinois Institute of Technology, also characterized by the large amount of bathroom-slipper wearing Indians studying there. It's located at 35th and State St just south of the loop in Chicago. Many students complain about the neighborhood, but then again, most of them come from places like Idaho.
Billy Bob Bolivar attends IIT cuz he's a stupidass college bitch.

Ha! Look at that dumbass riding his scooter through a building, and look at his little cowboy hat! Only at IIT!
by El Arandano September 29, 2004
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Good colleges must be given due respect due to their long standing record of producing world class engineers but still second to DA-IICT
the IIT entrance is 2nd toughest only to DA-IICT
by Mav November 19, 2003
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Sexting abbreviation for Is It Tight? Commonly used by one hellatious bro who is gonna get some through text-sex a.k.a. sexting.
Kwonda's Text: Oh my lord! Please engorge me with your throbbing meat stick!!!

Dorv's Text: You know i will baby... I just want to know one thing first?

Kwonda's Text: Go on.....

Dorv's Text: IIT?

Kwonda's Text: Not as tight as my duecer, but tight enough!
by Giovanni "the don" September 16, 2009
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