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Eproctophilia, or Fart fetishism, is the sexual attraction to human flatulence, mainly heterosexual males attracted to female flatulence. Fart fetishism is sometimes seen as a softer form of coprophilia.

See pornographic fart scenes by Sexy Miss Lizz a.k.a. pQueen of Farts.

See paraphilia
I'm going to fart on you since I have Eproctophilia.

by MisterCity August 6, 2006
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A slang term for "coprophilia, fecophilia, fecalphilia or coprolagnia". It is a paraphilia involving sexual pleasure through human feces, or rather to its excretion. In the case of consuming feces, generally scat play is safe when played alone and safe with a partner if one uses protection so as not to come in direct contact with a partner's excrement.

Also see Urolagnia.
Guy :Hey, let's have some scat sex.
Girl: Gross, hepatitis.
by MisterCity August 6, 2006
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An immigrant abnormaly louder and annoying than regular people.
Speaks no English, or if so very little with a heavy Spanish accent.
Mostly found in Miami, FL.
"Damn that annoying ass ref, go swim back to Cuba!"
"Wow, that ref still has the salt water on his hair"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
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Paraphilia is a term that describes sexual arousal in response to sexual objects or situations which is considered abnormal or odd in some societies.
An example of a Paraphilia is necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses.
by MisterCity August 6, 2006
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Oculolinctus (also known as "worming") is a paraphilia whereby people are aroused by licking their partner's eyeballs and or having their eyeballs licked.

See paraphilia.
Oculolinctus is a rare and bizarre sexual practice.
by MisterCity August 6, 2006
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Hilarious electro song by Avenue D about a vibrator.
"Batteries included no assembly required
you can stick it in your booty when your pussy gets tired.
Orgasmatron, Orgasmatron,"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
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