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torture place in the north of Israel. Invite student to sign in with the lie: "Tech University for engineering". All the poor men (and some poor women) suffer every day Home Works that can't be finished and exams which can't be solved. a large big wide penis in the middle of the campus, also known as "The Obalisk" or "The dick of Ulman"
"Dude! I would like to drink a beer with you, but i've got a lot of works to do!"
"fuck the Technion!"
by e^(i*pi)+1=0 February 04, 2010
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Israel institute of technology (or IIT). It's supposedly the equivalent of MIT in Israel.
most of the Technion undergrad students their will to live, because of the high standards and amount of studying required, and the demoralization from repeated failure.
Be that as it may, the Technion is considered the best institute for technology in Israel, and is among the best in the world. So what if most of the students develop white hair (!!!!) during their (three to) four years there?
Hila got in the Technion? That's great, but that means she probably won't have a life for the next four years...
by gilette June 08, 2006
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AKA Technodrome-IL, An underground facility where the Israeli secret service trains geek test tube babies to become deadly mercenaries.
Welcome to the Technion, Technodrome-IL. You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave!
by ey51 July 21, 2004
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