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(rhee-see) -adj.

1. Used to describe someone who is inherently adorable, sweet, and cute, but also an airhead. Derived from the actress Reese Witherspoon due to her character in the movie Legally Blonde.

2. Unaware of being pleasantly annoying.
"Awwww, did you see what she did? Very cute."
"Yeah, that teenie bopper is so reesy!"

"Ugh, I wish she would stop whining."
"She can't help it. Besides, it's actually kind of reesy."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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A really cute way of saying "Reeses". Can apply to both the peanut butter cup and Reeses Pieces, but in the case of the later, is more commonly reffered to as "Reesies Piecies."
by omgggg February 18, 2008
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If you call someone a Reesy you actually call him a huge faggot, without a life.
Person 1: Dude, your a Reesy, please leave.
Person 2: wat?
by Marco Weenie January 04, 2009
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