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1. A bitter old geezer intolerant of other people having fun.
2. Literally: Crusty build-up around the genitals due to a nasty lack of personal hygiene. Not to be confused with crotch crickets.
Old man: "Go away! Celebrations are for sissies. If I had it my way, I'd put all of you runts in the slammer!"
Jake: "What's his problem?"
Bobby: "Don't mind him, he's just being a crotch crumb..."

Jane: "Would you rather dive into a pool of snot, or sleep with 'funky Jake'?"
Jenny: "Eww, gross! I hear he's got a major grody case of crotch crumb."
by Dyslexicon March 26, 2010
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(rhee-see) -adj.

1. Used to describe someone who is inherently adorable, sweet, and cute, but also an airhead. Derived from the actress Reese Witherspoon due to her character in the movie Legally Blonde.

2. Unaware of being pleasantly annoying.
"Awwww, did you see what she did? Very cute."
"Yeah, that teenie bopper is so reesy!"

"Ugh, I wish she would stop whining."
"She can't help it. Besides, it's actually kind of reesy."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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1. Slyly escaping scrutiny by being a phenomenal smooth talker.

2. Giving a long-winded fake apology until a person forgets why he or she was mad at you in the first place. This is a skill that cannot be taught and must be learned through experience.

Word origin: hybrid of gestalt and stalling.
"You can never get a straight answer from a politician. They are exceptionally good at geshtalling."

"He avoided the wrath of his wife by geshtalling about how insensitive he was for forgetting their anniversary."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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The type of idiotic antics and self-absorbed behavior expected from a nutbag or douche. Similar to douchebaggery.
"Those dudes are up to their pointless nutbaggery again. Let's go somewhere else so we don't have to deal with those morons."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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Describing a super funny situation or occurrence. Often used by airheads or valley girls in cliques. Occasionally used by ghettofied bourgeoisie or people too lazy and dumb to pronounce the full word "hilarious".
"Hey Sher, like oh-emm-gee. That story was totally hilair, for sure."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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1. A mechanic whose primary responsibility is to maintain a well-lubricated engine so that it can fire on all pistons without the shaft getting stuck.

2. Someone who gets extreme pleasure or excitement from secretly browsing photos of expensive supercars.
"The car's engine isn't dead. We just need a skilled pornochanic to look under the hood."

"Sweet desktop wallpaper!"
"Dude, don't you ever knock before you enter a room?!"
"Whatever. We all know you're a major pornochanic."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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(boog-err snap-err)

One who routinely excavates a ball of snot from the nasal passageway with a finger and then carelessly flings it away.

See also: nasaljectile.
"Geez, that guy just picks his nose wherever he feels like it. I almost got hit by that booger snapper!"
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
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