Usually a term known as subscribing to someone on youtube, where you click that little yellow button in order to keep track of their newest videos and favorites. However people use it for other reasons such as:

- Trying to be at top of the subscribers list (On a popular channel most likely) to get a lot of views and pretty much a hundred subscribers overnight.
- To try your way at "The person with the most subscriptions" and get easy subs out of that. Many have thousands for example I have 4895 right now. Only a few (Such as classicusernames) have over 50000.
- To put someone at the top on your subscription list, just for a little gift of views and/or subscribers.
Dude i subscribed to "michael jackson" and now i'm at the top next thing i know, i get 350 subs.
by thelogicaldictionary January 18, 2010
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Usually referred to "Following" someone on YouTube
Subscribe to me scrub
by Applecoffee1 October 20, 2016
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Normally subscribing will be used for a website called Youtube, but it can be used for other sites. On Youtube you can try your luck and see if you can get enough subscribers to become a youtube partner and, because of the adds in the side of your videos and channel im pretty sure you can make some money from it. Although im not positive so you might wanna check Youtube for it.
Joe - Great! I just hit 62 subscribers!

Paul - Awesome, man but i just hit 63 subscribers!! (owned)
by randomlolwut March 19, 2010
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When you hit that little red button under a YouTube video that says “Subscribe.” Oh and, please don’t forget to hit that notification bell while you’re at it.
Make sure to subscribe and SMASH that notification bell with your FIST!!!!! And stay tuned to the end of this video for yet another MacBook giveaway. Oh, and this video is sponsored by Squarespace (insert shameless plug about Squarespace here).
by Pialinist June 11, 2020
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someone who is a victim to society's definition of success, popularity, or wealth
She's not really happy. She's just a subscriber
by InternationalBasil August 30, 2018
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