The act of fondling another's face with a cylindrical object, i.e. a rolled-up newspaper. This is done in conjunction with saying Redzone (in an awkward tone).
Guy 1: (Fondling roomates face with a rolled-up newspaper) Redzone. (in a creepy tone)

Guy 2: Dude, you just redzoned me! What the hell!!!
by Ryan Chappelle October 30, 2007
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in football, the area inside the 20-yard line
And Comer over the redzone.
by alexzhu January 03, 2005
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The time of the month; referring to when a woman has her menstrual flow.
Don't score from inside the redzone.
by mikeyp7114 February 24, 2011
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An area where one is prohibited from going, usually after being detained for drug dealing and such.
"You've been redzoned, don't come around these parts" - Officer "Goddman I'm in redzone I'm going to jail!" -Breaching Assailant
by unowned June 24, 2005
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The redzone is the area between your belly button and the base of your penis.
As soon as she crossed into the redzone, I knew I was gonna score.
by K-StateCheese February 13, 2011
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a person who wastes every Sunday during the NFL season watching football non stop, commercial free football on the RedZone channel and not getting jack shit done for 7 straight hours. Its the best way possible to spend your football Sunday's. This is particularly popular with fantasy football players, and people who just have nothing better to do all day on Sundays.
Dude: what did you do this weekend?

Dude 2: Man, I was a complete RedZoner yesterday. I didn't do anything but watch watch non-stop football and eat tons of crappy food. The day was pure awesomeness!
by sarjas1 September 07, 2014
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Just another meaningless 'insult' for someone who is not a chav


1. Not all "redzoners" listen to Slipknot or KoRn and go to mosh pits.
2. "redzoners" are generally nice, up for a laugh and have a different style of music/fashion to most people.
this redzoner thing drives me insane. If I get called a dirty red or a redzoner ONE more time I am going to lose it.
by _Katie_ April 10, 2006
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