(adj) The condition of having no faults, being completely extreme, and incredibly sick at life.
Remix the neighboorhod mailman who was also a professional snowboarder, was admired by all. His life was pure awesomeness.
by A. Mysta April 20, 2006
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The peaking of someone's extreme interest. As if seeing their own personal aura.
There's just something about that guy over there..I can't put my finger on it, but I can tell he has pure awesomeness. See Awesome, epic
by Mr. IronGiggles January 17, 2014
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Pretty self explanatory. Awesome in its purest form: not diluted by things that are not awesome.
Wow, look at that guy over there who just turned 21, is wearing a Batman shirt, and is having his first drink. He's pure awesome.
by X4nNu5 February 21, 2010
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When one's Awesomeness is coinciding with the state of anothers Awesomeness equalling double the awesomeness in each others presence=Pure Awesomeness
Im awesome but only cause your awesome but only cause im awesome we're pretty much Pure Awesomeness
by One Name to rule them all November 2, 2010
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Pure energy of the awesome kind, that has been so chilled it has reached the liquid stage.
Often resembles molten metal, but exhudes smoke-like essence and in some extreme cases Lazers. Not to be confused with Lasers.

'In this experiment we will be examining the properties of Pure Liquid Awesome'

by Draconius March 26, 2008
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one who is born being awesome,they are smart,talented,beautiful,people love them,they can get any member of the oppiside sex anytime,anywhere.
hey,steve,that sucks that you dint win the lotery,but the good news is im a pure bred awesome
by donkeyfish5 January 9, 2011
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