Bangin out nick and dime bags to marks. Servin hard white to fiends. Supplying pills to college students.
I was on the block holdin, drug dealing to anybody who was willing to get high.
by MTAE March 16, 2014
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Making a deal to get something to where it's either out of the norm, something you would never do, or just plain odd; to the point where it makes it even more bizarre and lucrative just based on the desire/need/or desperation of the item or favor you are making a deal for. Furthermore it may be with a person or people to whom you would NEVER really associate with during any other time. Almost like making a deal with the devil
I just made a wicked drug deal with Jeremy. I offered to do his homework for a week while he let me borrow his car next weekend. Normally I wouldn't fuck with him, but he has a sweet ride, and I'm trying to impress Suzy so I can get some ass. Hoo boy...
by RagingDemon856 July 8, 2011
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1. A deal that exchanges illegal drugs for currency that is generally committed in stealth.
Sally: "I am on my way to make a drug deal with Ronnie."
by Nicholas Roberts April 7, 2008
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The act of trading for something you want by using someone else's property.
I did a drug deal to get us tickets to the concert by trading my bro's ipod for them.
by Sgt Salty May 2, 2006
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You fuck somebody up the ass with a condom on, cum in the condom, and then pull out and leave the condom in.
You know how druggies keep drugs hidden up their asses in condoms or bags. The columbian drug deal does just that.
by Ken Knight December 8, 2007
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a place full of fucking idiots (including rig and syn) and cool people (sig and avan)
Person 1: Wow sheps drug dealing business is so cool
Person 2: stfu ur opinion wrong
Person 1: damn u right i agree
by bussyeateryuh123 June 26, 2022
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