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When you fuck a girl on her period, pull out, and blow a load of jizz and blood on her face, making it appear as if she is sucking a candy cane.
by stoner 511 February 12, 2010
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The resulting pattern when a stripper is spinning on the pole and starts to have her period.
Pimp daddy butt nuggets licked the candy cane off the pole at the strip club.
by Dao Tse Mung November 11, 2013
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when a guy is getting head, and right before he shoots his load, he pushes the person doing the sucking off his cock, punches them in the face, then shoots a load on their face. when the cum mixes with the blood, it looks like a candy cane. also called strawberry shortcake
i candycaned your mom last night
by dan tumi October 02, 2003
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What can happen when a girl scrapes her teeth while giving you a Dick Twizzler, leaving your dick stripped like a candycane.
* I don't recommend swimming in the ocean any time soon. Even though it can aid in healing faster, it burns like a bitch...Ouch!
Easy on the dong, your giving me a Candycane!
by J. S. Alexander January 19, 2006
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Before recieving a blow-job your partner. Brusher their teeth. The sensation is icey, and refreshing! Mouthwash can intensify, the outcome is a candy cane.
Can you give me a Candy cane?
by Ganjadruid October 06, 2017
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While receiving oral sex, the male pleasantly slaps his partner across the face, immediately ejaculating on the opposite side. As one side is now flushed red, and the other white, this gesture is commonly referred to as a "candycane"
Your ex gives horrible head, so I treated her to a candycane.
by Spanglish4152 December 11, 2009
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