a. To formally introduce or indoctrinate an individual to a sensitive program.
b. To inform another individual of a personal secret.
a. The occasion of reading someone into something.
a. John was recently read into that classified Army program.
b. I didn't know John was gay until he read me in.
by Wilson Whitlow January 10, 2007
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an instance in which 2 people read (drag, roast, insult) each other for filth.
girlll, wanna do a read for read? i'll read you to filth.
by verymuchgivingdictionary November 02, 2020
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When someone receives one or more text messages from another person but doesn’t respond, they’re leaving the sender on read. As in, the sender can see that their texts were read, but there’s no reply.

(Pronounced as “on red.”)
“Jason texted me five times last night but I left him on read.”
by no one, shut up August 26, 2019
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In gay culture, the act of pointing out a flaw in someone else (usually publicly and in front of them) and exaggerating it.
Gay guy 1: "Those shorts weren't made for you, honey. Look at that muffin top. More like a cupcake top!"
Gay guy 2: "Bitch, why are you reading me?
by robby-pooh July 21, 2013
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To tell someone about themself, mostly used by gay black men.
"That was a read honey!"
"Don't do it honet, I will read your ass"
by Darren December 03, 2004
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An internet term, often in parenthesis following the beginning of a text or title, which sums up a large group of text in one or a couple of adjectives, often to remind other readers on the situation of the topic.
The Gulf Oil Spill (read: very bad)

My first date (read: disaster)
by Banana Foam January 09, 2011
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TV in your head, if done correctly.
I don't understand why people hate reading. Its like TV in your head.
by Willow Collie June 17, 2011
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