the slang “reaching” can be used in a couple of ways. you’re able to use it when someone’s over exaggerating something to make it seem worse than what it actually was, or taking something too far.
-example 1, over exaggerating-

person 1: *accidentally bumps into somebody*
person 2: hey !
person 1: oh, i’m sorry !
person 3: what happened?
person 2: they hit me on purpose, and they also insulted me for no reason ! *cries*
person 1: you reaching, fool...

-example 2, taking it too far-

*two students roasting each other for fun*
person 1: and that’s why you balding at the age of 16.
person 2: oh yeah? well that’s why your parents left you, and told you straight up, that you’re a waste of oxygen and space. it all makes sense why you’re so disrespectful towards everybody knowing that you got family issues, i mean... it’s not like you have a family.

everybody: *silence*
person 3: yo, you reaching...
person 1: *cries in orphan*
by monetizd February 21, 2021
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When someone over-exaggerates facts to validate their own opinion
Friend: "Raini Rodriguez single-handedly saved the music industry"
Me: "That's a reach" / "You're reaching"
by JohnnyMalooly May 6, 2019
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Term used when someone tries to relate one thing to another using completely irrelevant evidence and information.

Person 1: A dice is related to racism because there are black spots and the majority is white.

Person 2: wtf..

Person 3: this kid's reaching.

Person 1: man why you hating?

Person 2: you reaching
by Charuhi April 5, 2011
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When somebody is taking something too far
Linda: Hey tiffany, can i borrow a dollar?
Tiffanny: Yah sure.
Linda:..oh and can i borrow a twenty too?
Tiffany:Okay now your just reaching.
by Jackswing. October 21, 2009
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The UNSC main military planet, close to earth, and suffered a sneak attack from the covenant.
Thats it, we've lost REACH
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005
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reach, reachin, to go to. to be goin to i will go to. act of travel
i.e, im bout to reach derr now jus hol up seen
by ghettooreo November 24, 2003
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