When someone over-exaggerates facts to validate their own opinion
Friend: "Raini Rodriguez single-handedly saved the music industry"
Me: "That's a reach" / "You're reaching"
by JohnnyMalooly May 6, 2019
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A phenomena when a swordsman lunges in a tottally diffrent direction yet he yE3T$ you off and deals enougn damage to kill you
That dude reached me from 1 mile away with 3000 ping , his name is Paul.
by ValOfWyvern November 14, 2019
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reach, reachin, to go to. to be goin to i will go to. act of travel
i.e, im bout to reach derr now jus hol up seen
by ghettooreo November 24, 2003
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a phenomena wherein a swordsman lunges in a totally different direction yet yE3T$ you off and dealing enough damage to kill you
Bruh he reached me from like USA to Japan, perhaps his name is Paul.
by The Assassin's Brotherhood October 20, 2019
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adj. An adjective in place of the verb "to come", an adjective one would use to describe attending a certain event.
Fred: Yo I'm going to reach the mall!
by bardown November 29, 2014
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