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When someone over-exaggerates facts to validate their own opinion
Friend: "Raini Rodriguez single-handedly saved the music industry"
Me: "That's a reach" / "You're reaching"
by JohnnyMalooly May 06, 2019
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Reach, or reaching is a synonym for come, coming, arrive, arriving, attend, attending etc.

It is often used in place of such phrases as: "Are you coming?", "Are you going\going to make it?", " Are you on your way?" in the interrogitive, and "Come over", "I'll be there", "I'm on the way" etc. in the exclamatory.
It often stands alone as the sole word in an (sms)text message.

Anecdotal evidence could lead one to believe that this unconventional, ambiguous usage of the word was introduced into the urban lexicon by homophobic, adolescent, or twenty-something wiggas, who possibly feared reprisal at the double entendre the words come and coming conjured in their cohorts, friends and\or homies.

Ultimately, and this is just a gut feeling, I believe the aforementioned (admittedly dubious) etymological origin story smacks of the clumsy and often extremely loose and liberal repurposing of words and phrases which have become commonplace in the post-www.\sms era of of the past few decades.

Said slanglish was probably first uttered by one young hip-hop sycophant to a friend, or acquaintance who probably had to ask for clarification as to its contextual meaning. Apparently, it was deemed either sufficiently cool and\or enough of a time\140 character saver when used as a single word in place of an entire sentence, that it managed to gain traction and be thusly co-opted and amalgamated into the lols and imhos of females aged 12-32...ensuring it's inclusion in the Urban Dictionary.
Yo, you reaching tonight?

Ya, imma reach.
by Automatonomous March 24, 2016
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The UNSC main military planet, close to earth, and suffered a sneak attack from the covenant.
Thats it, we've lost REACH
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005
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reach, reachin, to go to. to be goin to i will go to. act of travel
i.e, im bout to reach derr now jus hol up seen
by ghettooreo November 23, 2003
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A phenomena when a swordsman lunges in a tottally diffrent direction yet he yE3T$ you off and deals enougn damage to kill you
That dude reached me from 1 mile away with 3000 ping , his name is Paul.
by ValOfWyvern November 14, 2019
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