Trying to get something which you know you ain't gonna get or you're so desperate for it that you really think you are going to get it.
"so what did you and Joe do last night.. I want all the details like did you play first or go strai..."

"shut up ur reachin"
by Lou-Lou December 5, 2005
When a person puts on in an ostentatious way to manipulate others into liking, approving or bestowing affection upon them. It also serves as a tactic to boost one's mood or self esteem in a cheap way. It is to stuntin' what jealousy is to envy.
She always posts her wedding picture to make the others jealous if they're still single. She also loves to play the victim constantly and everyone falls for it. She stay reachin'
by rutheguru December 21, 2017
Over-exaggerating, usually to try and prove and point in a argument.

(That's a reach / You reaching)
Person: Thanos can beat Thor and Odin said thor is stronger then him so that means Thanos can beat Odin.

Person: "Bro you Reachin."
by FonutYt October 11, 2021
I was out all night sinking beers that come 3am I was reachin’ for the squares!
by ceejaydee June 23, 2015
In the landmark case of Jesse Parrish v. School District, the controversial quote got famous. Definition:

1. An ambiguously meaningless saying that has or implies no negative connotation. Merely an expression of one's own frustration in a positive, healthy, constructive manner.

2. Is equivalent to saying: Friends, I am frustrated right now, but I know I must keep my head up, and you should too, because that is what is best for the world.
Fred: Hey Jesse, did you get suspended for true threats?

Jesse: Yes, and here is how it made me feel: Homies check yo domes I may be reachin for my choppa
by jesseparrish March 4, 2010