Term used when someone tries to relate one thing to another using completely irrelevant evidence and information.

Person 1: A dice is related to racism because there are black spots and the majority is white.

Person 2: wtf..

Person 3: this kid's reaching.

Person 1: man why you hating?

Person 2: you reaching
by Charuhi April 04, 2011
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Said when someone is going too far with their actions and/or their opinions
Person1: Dude, kiribakus made a petition directed to Horikoshi to make their ship canon
Person2: Those clowns sure are reaching
by Will-o'-the-wisp June 01, 2019
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The act of doing absolutely nothing but playing Halo Reach. Usually one "Reaches" instead of doing more important things like schoolwork or important dates.
Burnie: "Hey Geoff, did you finish that render i asked you to do a few weeks ago?"

Geoff: "Sorry, but i've been reaching every night."

Burnie: "Amen to that. I missed my kid's fourth grade play because of my reaching."
by SecretJustin October 06, 2010
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When someone over-exaggerates facts to validate their own opinion
Friend: "Raini Rodriguez single-handedly saved the music industry"
Me: "That's a reach" / "You're reaching"
by JohnnyMalooly May 06, 2019
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the slang “reaching” can be used in a couple of ways. you’re able to use it when someone’s over exaggerating something to make it seem worse than what it actually was, or taking something too far.
-example 1, over exaggerating-

person 1: *accidentally bumps into somebody*
person 2: hey !
person 1: oh, i’m sorry !
person 3: what happened?
person 2: they hit me on purpose, and they also insulted me for no reason ! *cries*
person 1: you reaching, fool...

-example 2, taking it too far-

*two students roasting each other for fun*
person 1: and that’s why you balding at the age of 16.
person 2: oh yeah? well that’s why your parents left you, and told you straight up, that you’re a waste of oxygen and space. it all makes sense why you’re so disrespectful towards everybody knowing that you got family issues, i mean... it’s not like you have a family.

everybody: *silence*
person 3: yo, you reaching...
person 1: *cries in orphan*
by monetizd February 21, 2021
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When somebody is taking something too far
Linda: Hey tiffany, can i borrow a dollar?
Tiffanny: Yah sure.
Linda:..oh and can i borrow a twenty too?
Tiffany:Okay now your just reaching.
by Jackswing. October 21, 2009
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One who is over-hyped or does not live up to expectations that are often considered mediocre.
Bro, i'm telling you for the last time, Hardee is The Reach.
by bauss committee December 05, 2011
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