The smallest unit of measurement practically possible: A Red Cunt Hair.
by Anonymous December 16, 2002
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Go gets my hammer sos wes can move dis an rch.
by mushim October 24, 2003
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A standard of measurement, the basis of the nano rch and the pico rch.
OK, Lem, we gotta move this mill just an RCH, so go easy with the hammer.
by Sneaky Snyde April 30, 2005
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dental floss after a very Fine meal.
by mushim October 24, 2003
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Royal Cunt Hair
The idea that the pubis mons of royalty are as fine as can be.
"I was playing table shuffleboard at Michaels last night and JUST missed the other teams puck by an RCH!"

"So you had to buy the beer?"
by Grugster May 23, 2007
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short for reach
means come meet us
rch downtown

rch my house
yo do you wanna rch
by y’all.dumb May 20, 2018
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30 microns. Measured on a comparator by a physical scientist on his secretary's red cunt hair at the Defense Mapping Agency's Erskine Hall, Bethesda, MD sometime around 1980. No Shit. Your tax dollars at work.
"That RCH was yummy!" said Roy as he pulled it from his teeth.
by Joe Schmuckatella July 19, 2007
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