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It stands for Save Our Souls and is used mostly by the millitary, but anyone around the world understands what it means. Anyone is allowed to transmit this if they are in a life threatning situation. In morse code it looks like this:


In the Netherlands it's also a slang term for cocaine.
crashing plane: SOS, SOS!
radio operator: Yea don't sniff too much of that shit
by Dickkwikkwek December 13, 2005
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Common distress code; does not stand for any word such as save our souls; its just the easiest thing to remember for morse code
...---... The titanic sent an SOS to other ships
by Kamal007 May 03, 2008
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S.O.S was a distress call that was used in MORSE CODE, long before telephones were used. To send a call for help, a telegraph operator would send " ... --- ... " It was simple and universal.
To send for help S.O.S = dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot, repeatedly. If you are traped somewhere just tap S.O.S. on the wall.
by Bob Smyth February 06, 2008
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Same Old and Single
A quick way to say that you are still living the same life without a romantic partner.
A: How have you been?
by tech-whiz214 July 10, 2016
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Short for "Stay on Subject"
Used primarily in online classrooms; when the chatbox explodes with non-important topics such as the teacher's hair or a student's favorite aunt.
In physics class:

Dave: "Dude, my aunt is such a crazy cat person"
Mary: "Really? My uncle has a manic obsession with growing purple flowers"
Isaac: SOS guys
Teacher: Dave, Mary, and Isaac. What have I told you about talking about things not related to the subject material?
by arc.t415 October 02, 2014
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Originally used by sailors as a distress signal/code meaning Save Our Ship, hence S.O.S.
Sailor: "Captain...the ship is taking in too much water..."

Captain: "Send a S.O.S. transmition to the base..."

Sailor: "Ay-Ay Captain!"
by nismoflip6 October 06, 2005
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