I'm a trenduie, with my gap hoodie, jeans and dental floss.
by ih December 03, 2003
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Good product to buy to keep your teeth at their best, but also a wonderful way to remove pubes from your teeth after a guy/girl has gone down one a hairy lady, with a large flower bed
Guy 1: "I heard that she's well hairy that girlfriend of yours"

Guy 2: "Better remember your dental floss tonight then eh?"

Guy 3: "Nah she aint, she has a beautifully trimmed and waxed minge." <*embarrassed*>

Guy 4: "What's that in your pocket then?" <*points to dental floss*>
by Gma June 02, 2005
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Chinese or Japanese person's blindfold.
"Give some dental floss on Ping's eyes, he's about to go to sleep."
by Alex O. October 08, 2004
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when a girl wheres a thong to scrape off the excess poo from her anus after she took a dump!
"ew! look at that girl! she's wearing dental floss! i guess she doesn't like to wipe or is too lazy to"
by Jessika May Burgess April 12, 2008
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the most common form of contresption also known as condom
"I gave her teeth a good flossing!"

"dad, mum i kneed to buy some dental floss"
by BeCam February 22, 2004
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A product constantly pushed by the dental profession to become popular with the average human. Unfortunatly no one ever uses it and is constantly harassed by dentists who recieve gifts from the floss company to advertise and insist people use their product.
Dentist: I see you do not use dental floss.
Man: Yes i just don't have the time but i do brush 3 times a day.
Dentist: Oh well uhh... YOU HAVE GINGEVITUS THEN!!
by Urine Therapy January 26, 2009
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