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6'1, 245 lbs, MLB, Ravens

Lewis was a standout at Kathleen High in Florida, at running back and linebacker. One reputable magazine ranked him as one of the top 10 high school football players of all time. He was an All-American at the U. of Miami before being drafted with the 26th pick overall by the Baltimore Ravens. He has led his team in tackles every year since his rookie season and led the whole NFL in 1997 and 1999.
Unfortunately, Ray's life took a turn for the worse on January 31st, 2000. Two men died in a street brawl that Ray witnessed without involvement; contrary to popular belief, he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. His one mistake was in lying to the police when first being questioned about whether he knew the two other co-defendants, probably to avoid being considered a rat. But after some time, Lewis decided to testify against the two men and settled for an obstruction of justice charge. There was never any hard evidence presented to suggest that Ray Lewis committed murder! However, #52 did not let the whole ordeal set him back; in fact he came back for the 2000 football season with a vengeance. Just to name a few accomplishments: he led the Ravens defense to a mere 165 points allowed (an NFL record), he garnered Defensive Player of the Year honors and finally won the coveted Super Bowl MVP award in leading the Ravens to a dominating victory in Super Bowl XXXV.
Still not satisfied with his success, Ray Lewis may have had his best season to date in 2003. He recorded 225 tackles (160 solo), forced 2 fumbles, intercepted 6 passes (a rarity for linebackers) and led the Ravens to win the AFC North Division yet again. All this amounted to his second NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.
A team of experts from USA Today recently rated Ray Lewis as the linebacker with the most strength, speed, acceleration, awareness and as the most valuable to his team and best tackler. Obviously, he was ranked as the best linebacker, but they also ranked him as the best overall player in the NFL.
Ray's opponents know from experience that it’s not his statistics that stand out the most for him; it’s the intangibles such as his incomparable intimidation of opponents and, at the same time, inspiration for his teammates. Another crucial aspect of Ray's immense success has been his uncanny ability to decode plays before they develop as he appears to have a psychic's vision for what will unfold. This of course comes from his dedication off the field in studying more film than a coach.
Ray will go down as one of the best defensive players of all time and perhaps the greatest linebacker ever.
Jose Contreras: Ray Lewis is the most intense, respectable man on the planet.
Bruce Lee: Yes, perhaps only rivaled by Pai Mei.
by benny b from the bronx February 22, 2005
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Verb. To absolutely dominate something or someone. Ray Lewising usually invokes fear and intimidation. There is usually no coming back from being Ray Lewised.
That Mac truck Ray Lewised the shit out of that civic! You can barely tell it was a car!

I got so Ray Lewised last night. I woke up next to a stripper with a broken leg, a black eye, $462 cash, and keys to an ambulance. I dont remember shit past 9:30!

The Clippers got Ray Lewised last night by the Lakers. They lost by 49 points!
by The Ray Lewiser December 31, 2009
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Future hall of famer and currently a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He's also the blackest man alive. If this guy doesn't intimidate you, you have no soul.
Jim: Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer, too bad he doesn't cry.

Rick: Ray Lewis kills people on and off the field; Chuck Norris is just an actor. He doesn't have shit on Ray Lewis.
by pcm22902 October 25, 2011
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Best NFL linebacker of all time who was accused of murder, but was obviously innocent. Was the leader of the greatest defense of all time, the 2000 Ravens, he is the emotional leader of the ravens today.

Nicknamed Sugar Ray, Ray Ray, Etc
Ray Lewis just owned Willie Parker!
by CLiv51 May 26, 2009
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a murderer who shouldn't even be in the NFL today. see ravens
Ray Lewis was found not guilty just because he was a decent NFL player. He should be in Georgia State Prison right now.
by KRHimself July 13, 2004
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The perfect example that if you have enough money, you can LITERALLY get away with murder.
Ray Lewis pled 'No Contest' to the murder of those two men? That's funny, I thought innocent men pled 'Not Guilty'.
by Kyle September 07, 2004
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