This is a slightly modified version of the Dirty Sanchez. It is performed after a male pulls his finger out of his partner's anal cavity and proceeds to apply the fecal matter below the bitch's eyes, thus making her resemble a linebacker. Best used in the daytime so the bitch can see when she's catching some balls to the face.
yo dawg I was hitting your sister last night and whipped my finger out and gave her the linebacker.
by Zac and Joe January 25, 2009
A short fat girl who usually stands in your way of hitting on the hot girl at the bar. Linebackers always try to make the stop at any cost and are quicker than their portly bodies would indicate
I tried to talk to the hottie in the red dress but the linebacker stopped me dead in my tracks.
by Adam Durant March 6, 2008
A decidedly square girl, lacking in neck area, with a broad torso and disproportionate legs. This girl appears to be wearing shoulderpads bearing a strong resemblance to Mike Singletary. Hence the term "LINEBACKER"
"did you see that pig steve brought home last night? She was a total linebacker."
by xdannox December 4, 2006
A humorous sexual position in which reference to a Linebacker is used.
In order to give a LineBacker You have to have sex with a girl from behind. You stick two of your fingers into her ass and wipe them under her eyes just like a professional football player wears eye black. In order to complete the "LineBacker" when she gets up and runs away in disgust you have to point at her and shout "Run! Run!" then tackle her from behind.

It is acceptable to celebrate the completion of the "Linebacker" by screaming "Whooooo" or "This is my House" followed by chest bumping the wall.
by JH,RK,CF February 21, 2007
A cock blocker male or female that stops anyone from getting with a girl you're trying to get with.
Her fat friend was playing linebacker at the party stopping all the action.
by Wepnx May 21, 2006
something that is surprisingly large; can also refer to something that is annoying- a derogatory term.
"Woah that baby is a linebacker"
by wom6 February 7, 2010
when you're getting your girl from behind you ram two fingers up her poop chute, smear them under her eyes so she looks like a football player, then you tackle her as quickly as you can before she runs away.
I gave my girl a linebacker when she told me she didn't like the Chicago Bears.
by gravyfoot August 8, 2006