A university located in downtown Atlanta. Georgia State used to be mostly for older people going back to school, but it has grown in popularity and now has lots of on-campus housing and people right out of high school. As of 2010, it is the second-largest university in Georgia with over 30,000 students, and has a second campus in Alpharetta.
Collin: Dude, downtown Atlanta is such a wasteland.

James: Not anymore, it's been taken over by Georgia State.
by ATL4Life May 17, 2010
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A university in downtown Atlanta full of hipsters who spend 90% of their time sitting in the courtyard smoking cigarettes with their beards and glasses on so everyone can see how cool they are. Georgia State is growing in popularity not only because it is one of the more esteemed schools in the state, but also because young hipsters know that they will fit in and can show themselves off to people who understand them.
At Georgia State, smoking out in the courtyard with everyone else. It's so cool
by itsmeagainok April 25, 2011
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Georgia State University is a 4-year university located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a school in the hood for the hood.

Georgia State is known primarily as a commuter school for postbacc students to come back to school. However, the school is quickly becoming a playground for college students.

Since the early 90s the school has faced pressure from competitor schools such as Georgia Southern, North Georgia, West Georgia and Kennesaw State. All of which have passed GSU in average SAT/GPA scores of entering freshman.

Georgia State's student population consists mostly of pothead hipsters, rachet people who transfer in from local HBCUs and community college, wannabe rappers, fobby Koreans/Indians, slackers and deadbeats from high school who do nothing but play video games and watch anime and rednecks from south Georgia(they are attracted to GSU due to the lack of attractive females and the nearby anime convention spots).

The campus is very dangerous and dirty. In 2012, a GSU student and soccer player, Ayokunle Lumpkin, was shot dead in Atlanta. The campus is shared by patrons of Grady Memorial Hospital, Underground Atlanta and the homeless people of the city of Atlanta. GSU has the biggest campus police department in Georgia.

in 2010, the school started a brand new football program. The Panthers went 6-5 in 2010, 3-8 in 2011 and 1-10 in 2012.

GSU was ranked as the fastest growing sugar baby college in the nation in 2012.
Jamal: "Hey man! Where are you going to go for college?
High school deadbeat: "mann..the application for other colleges were too long. Oh look Georgia state I guess I'm going to Georgia State. Hell yeah! I'ma wake and bake every day!"
by DaMarley February 22, 2013
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A large urban research university located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia with a secondary campus in Alpharetta. Georgia State consists of over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and is renowned globally for its J. Mack Robinson College of Business, the College of Law, and College of Arts and Sciences, among others. Georgia State has traditionally been known as a commuter school with many students taking night classes, but more recently has become a destination university for students fresh out of high school. Georgia State is moving towards a more traditional campus feel. This effort is helped by the recent construction of dorms and the new football program.
Hey, where are you going to college?" "I'm going to Georgia State University." "Cool, I heard they're starting a new football program." "Yeah, I'm going to be in the marching band. I'm really excited."
by Jothcra June 7, 2010
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A large urban university located in Atlanta, Georgia. The school is located right next to Grady Memorial hospital and underground atlanta.

In 2012, the school is the fastest growing sugar baby college in the nation so much so that Drake mentioned GSU in his song HYFR. The smell of cheap girls, rachetness, marijuana and bad beer from Green's can never be erased. The school claims to be a research university but barely has enough money to cover their population's computer use. GSU is known to be an unofficial public HBCU sponsoring many events with Clark Atlanta, Morehouse and other HBCUs. GSU got its Panther mascot from Clark Atlanta University.

GSU is also a hub for post-bacc students who want to go back to school. The school is primarily a commuter school. As tuition continues to go up and up the number of students able to afford to live on campus goes down and down.

The school traces its strong African American roots from rapper Ludacris who attended GSU(but didn't graduate)

GSU started out as a night school but has transformed into a night university. The school has a rivalry with Georgia Southern University.

Every night club in Atlanta would be out of business without Georgia State students.
Yo where are you going to college?"

"I didn't get in to UGA or Georiga Tech. I have to go to Georgia State University."

"I'm so sorry, but at least they have football?"

"Yeah, too bad they have lost every season they have been in existence and get worse every year."

"Oh yeah. At least they have dorms?"

"Yeah, too bad the dorms are really just old hotels converted into housing complexes. Most of them look like jail cells."

"Oh that's true. Well, at least if you ever get shot the hospital is right there?"

"Yeah I guess you're right! Go panthers!"
by BobMarleyMon February 16, 2013
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A research university in Atlanta characterized by the intelligent beautiful women and the decent intelligent loyal men. They are known to be the most sophisticated students in Atlanta and graduate Wall Street or corporate ready.

They have a supposed rivalry with Georgia Southern but that's only in the imagination of Georgia Southern Students. The real rivals are Georgia Tech. This is characterized by Georgia Tech stealing the whole business office, a whole dorm, and a whole award winning college of business faculty. Georgia State has stolen nothing from GT. They are originals.

The student mascot is the panther. They are also renowned for their women who can point and get men to roll over, stay, fetch, or pant.
Georgia State University is the only university i recruit from in the south, said the Wall Street executive.
by Therealbitchmouth May 10, 2018
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North Georgia College and State University decides to wake everyone up at 0645 and have an entire battalion Health and Wellness Inspection to catch cadets with random "illegal" objects.
Little Tommy Palmer was nervous when all MLC staff, of North Georgia College and State University, was in his residence halls inspecting his room. Little Tommy Palmer knew he was wrong by hiding his 5 cent lighter under his dustcover.
by FASU_13 October 21, 2010
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