Ray Ray is a hot guy from Mindless Behavior along with 3 other guys. Ray Ray was born on January 6, 1997 in L.A. He dances, raps and sings back up for their lead singer Prodigy. Ray Ray started dancing with a crew called Tommy the Clown Dance Crew at a very young age. He then attended Marina Del Ray Performing Arts. He is funny, adorable, and short. He will crack you up and has long black braids. He has googles that he wears on his forehead to cover his scar. Ray Ray is the joker of the group you will instantly fall in love with him because of his adorability and cuteness. He and another one person from his group named Princeton both skipped a grade and were the first 2 I'm the group.
have you seen ray ray's hair out of it's braids it, puffy and goes way past his shoulders.
by iRepMB143 January 7, 2012
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A kind and unequaled mate; One who makes loving them so easy and so scary at the same time. A man whose quirks, oddities, and sarcastic witticism brightens the days in the most dark storms. A lover of unequaled heart. A Good man!
Gah girl, that man is such a Ray–Ray, he really knows how to make me smile.
by Bibliophiles unite KY May 21, 2019
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1.sheeyit ray ray get back in the car
2.ray ray get back in the house
by Howdy nut nut November 12, 2004
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cocaine; popularized by Waka Flocka Flame in the song Ray Ray
by Arbit3r November 3, 2010
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Someone you knew growing up. In other words, everyone knew someone named Ray Ray when they were a kid. If you did not ask your old friends if they remember "Ray Ray" and then will probably tell you it was "so and so's little brother"
Ray Ray! are you gonna past that shit or what!?
by scott trowbridge June 9, 2006
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known as an hawaiian/black/white stoner
ray-ray is a big time stoner
by rashad r January 29, 2003
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Black girl who smokes kush,pops pills,drinkin liqour,

-most normal people dont wanna be ray rays,
-"ray ray-wacka flocka flame"
by GhettoRedneck March 15, 2010
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