Ratchet is....
1. a wrench
2. the main character from the Insomniac video game series, "Ratchet And Clank"
3. a musical instrument that makes a scraping noise
1. This ratchet does not work on this car gear.
3. This ratchet is so noisy!
by GLaDOSPORTAL3WANt! April 29, 2014
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A name used to describe a home girl that has sex and/or performs sexual favors within her group and neighboring groups..usually turned out by alpha members of groups..." Ratchets are easy to turn" and like a hood-rat everyone can get a turn. But not just anyone.
by Klambodianna December 20, 2016
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1: To act in a dysfunctional or out-of-pocket manner; unruly; 2: Someone whose actions could be considered as severely undistinguishable; possesing little or no class.
"I'm tired of Denise bringin' them ratchet ass kids around the house when I'm trynna work! Little heathens always trynna tear shit up!"

"Ayy yo tell me why this bitch is down to let the whole team smash?!?"
"Cause she ratchet..."
by Mr.Bornfly22 December 17, 2012
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A type of lockback folding knife originally from Germany. These are very popular in much of the Africa and much of the Caribbean. Ratchet Knives are often associated with gangs and criminal activity. In Jamaica they were closely linked with "Rude Boy" street culture.
Ratchet Knives are named for the ratcheted blade lock mechanism.

The ratcheted blade lock mechanism keeps the blade from snapping shut on the user's hand even when only partially opened. The ratchet knife is usually unlocked by using a pull ring on the back rather than the more common push buttons or levers of most lock blades.
Both of these features make it less likely for the knife to snap shut across the user's fingers during a struggle.

However the key to the popularity of these knives is mostly due to their extremely low price, wide availability and intimidating ratchet sound on opening.
The most famous brand of ratchet knife is the Okapi. Originally made in Germany for export to German territories in Africa the production of Okapi knives moved to South Africa during the 1980's where it is still a very popular all around knife, especially with local criminals.
The Okapi was also the favored ratchet of Jamaican rude boys who often referred to them as "Three Star Ratchets" due to the three stars inlaid on the handles of many Okapi brand ratchet knives.
"Walking down the road, With your ratchet in your waist, Johnny you're too bad"

-Johnny Too Bad, The Slickers
by teaserpent December 27, 2014
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