We'll most likely instead of what other people say rachet is a rude annoying person trying to act ghetto I would say its a nasty dirty girl who doesn't clean herself making guys run to find a hiding place
Christian: damn that girl so ratchet not even the flys wanna touch her .
Allie: I think I'm gonna puke she stinking bad she a ratchet girl.
by allielolipop March 10, 2014
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A big booty bitch who dates men named Aman
"Yo, Aman, how's that big booty bitch doin? She's a real "ratchet girl".
by wayne nelson September 28, 2013
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A crazy, nasty girl with a big booty that is ready to have sex anytime, any moumnt and always wears a do-rage every night before she goes to sleeps
"Taylor is always ratchet girl , she can't sleep without a do-rag"
by Ugly nigga April 23, 2017
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That hoe who gets on every ones nerves because she acts black and is a hoe that is fake as fuc
that one ratchet girl:👩🏻✌🏻🤞🏻🖖🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 u wanna get uhhh stfu bitch try me food

Normal kid: no
by HiSMD January 10, 2022
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White girl who tries to be basic but in reality are to ratchet for society. They have Androids, have knock-off UGS, wear no leggings and are normally seen with a McCafe Coffee instead of a starbucks.
Half the white girls at our school are to ratchet for society and become the typical ratchet white girl.
by whitegirlhatter21 February 16, 2016
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