used to describe a great opposition, great suprise towards a comment or situation etc., used to say no, whaaaaaat?!?! etc.
man 1:yo you gonna go to that wack ass party?
man 2:HELL NAW!

lady1:HELL NAW! i just heard janet jackson showed her tit on t.v
lady2:that fuckin whore
by nfiver February 9, 2004
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meaning "hell no" for the ghetto folks!!
R those Bugle Boy Jeans Ur Wearing?

Hell Naw Ho, U know dey POLO!!!
by billy d ocean February 15, 2005
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Blank slang for under No circumstances. Its not happening
"Can i borrow some gas money?
Hell naw!!
by RyBabe23 February 5, 2012
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1. An expression of abrupt denial.
2. Bishop Bullwinkle's pop hit: "Hell to the naw naw"
Hell naw, to the naw naw naw *Heeeellll to the naw*!
by Alfitron October 23, 2017
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when saying this phrase..say it in a high pitched pissed off tone.. it means something along the lines of "ooh no you didnt" or "bitch please, what in the hell were you thinking"... also can be used as a form of disbelief in a situation
"aww hell naw you did not just cross me like you know me...step back bitch or my homies gon woop yo ass"
by poooootang June 24, 2005
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"oh HELL NAW" is used when sumthing bad happens :0

Person 1: im gonna check the fridge for food cuz im hungryy
*checks fridge*
*sees belle delphine in fridge*
Person 1: Oh HELL NAW BRUH

Person 2: im just gonna pretend i didnt see or hear that...
by I LIKE YA CUT G AAAAAAAAAA April 27, 2021
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