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A bastard who is characterized by devious and base intentions.
That rat bastard who ripped me off on the car deal also hits on my sister.
by Will March 17, 2003
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A despicable person.
Someone easy to hate, usually for a good reason.
It is normally related to either extreme personality flaws or actions commited counter to human decency.
"What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now, at this moment?"
- Raoul Duke (HST)
by Vladicus March 14, 2005
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An extreme bastard; a real asshole. Frequently used by middle-aged trailer trash women to describe the ex-boyfriend who beat her.
I told that RAT-BASTARD if he ever hit me again I would call the law.
by Willis August 07, 2003
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A supposed human who is actually lower that a human being, but to make things worse, is able to pretend to be a human being. Someone who'd likely steal from his own brothers and suck up to his in-laws
That Rat Bastard PW sucks his stupid mother-in-laws ass while never visiting his own momma
by Krakz Artimius December 01, 2006
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