A inside joke between me and my unpopular friends. our friend group makes names for this short boy who is growing extremely fast. Saying "you rat" is when we are joking around when they did something stupid.

Ex: Me and my 2 friends were dancing in her parents nail salon bathroom. The short boy barricaded it, but we danced so hard we got the door open and he fell down.
Andy: "You rat! Why would you knock down all those books at the library?!"

Lynn: "I lost my phone in between books!"
Andy: "You dirty rat."
by ichybichy September 23, 2018
“You Rat” is a phrase used by many to describe someone being rude or someone who just act’s like a rat. It also can be useful to describe nasty actions made by an individual who is being sneaky.
Kyle: You’re so gullible I just hate it
Y/n: You Rat!
by Mp06 January 17, 2020
A phrase to use against the filthiest of human
Nathan Spits in Lockier’s sandwich, “Fuck off Nathan you rat dog cunt
by Richardhotones November 13, 2020