Maia is the greatest person on earth, extremely attractive and funny she is the best person you could ever know. She is the perfect person for any man. She is great at listening and an even better person to get to know. She looks extremely calm and collected on the outside but the further you dig you realise that she is a beautiful mess on the inside, so many problems that she will always end up solving always trying to work for the better is others. She is an amazing entertainer, always able to make you laugh with her dancing or drama acts. If you are one of the lucky few to know a Maia, don’t miss your chance, grasp whatever you can and if you can gain her trust you will be a life long friend to her
Maia, she is just perfect wouldn’t want to miss out on that!
by (。・̑◡・̑。) June 9, 2019
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Maia is the bestest friend you could ever ask for! Maia's have a very good taste in music and are amazing dancers! They are usually very outgoing and hilarious. Maia's are stunning, and beautiful !! You need a Maia in your life...
Maia's are hilarious

Maia's are great friends

Maia's are stunning
by Jumble444 March 21, 2013
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Maia is exceptional both physically and mentally. She is so beautiful, but her sweetness outnumbers every quality. She is a great listener, and great to talk to, however, she is closed off to people she does not know. When she opens up to you, you feel amazing. Maia is a great human being.
Why is that girl Maia so fucking beautiful?!
by JackIsNotACinnamonRoll August 31, 2015
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Maias are incredibly AWESOME people who are totally good looking and amazing. They have a sense of humor (like a really good one) and make friends easily. They have amazing musical talent and are really into books and sports. You are lucky to know a Maia. :)
Maia is so incredibly awesome. maia awesome talented goodlooking
by Math Dude February 8, 2015
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Great person to talk to. Quiet to strangers, amazingly obnoxious to friends. Loyal, but not the best at communication. Unique beauty. She who everyone loves. Can make you feel special just by being around you. Though slightly klutzy, she is absolutely adorable. Amazing taste in music. Sometimes annoying, and she makes everything awkward. Shy mystique. Lacking so heavily in self confidence. Hates compliments. Has a look that can make you dizzy. So, so easy to fall for.
-Hot damn that Maia sure is Sexy!!
-Wish I could date HER.
-Dude, Maia gets ALL the guys... And girls!!
by Thee Competition February 22, 2013
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A great person who’s is kind and funny. Will spam your phone with photos of themself. Great at all sports and especially dance. The greatest friend you could ever have. Have fun times.
by Lilstrawb February 25, 2019
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1.The oldest and most beautiful daughter of the seven Pleiades, the Greek mythological children of Atlas. She is the mother of Zeus. The month of May is named after her, for she is the goddess of spring.
2.An extremely rare car, also called the Subaru 450.
3. "Maia"s are known to be leaders, bold, intelligent, attractive, comforting, and well-liked and admired by others.
We are learning about Maia in class.
Maia is gorgeous!
Maia is so smart! Gosh, I wish I was her :(
Maia is EPIC
by Yoh Mahma :) March 6, 2013
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