to ballwalk very fast
After I ransacked the local grocery store, the managers called the police.
by djslut September 30, 2005
to take a girls' virginity
I ransacked that tight high school chick after my party
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
I'll come up there and we can ransack something together"
by Ray March 18, 2005
a game that you have a sack and you run up behind someone else and pull the sack over them then start draging them along.
i totally just ransacked Billy in the hall way.
by Bryce Smith September 18, 2010
To T-bag someone in their face instead of in the back of their head. Making it more humiliating, yet more painful for the ransacker.
Hahaha! Evan's nuts must be hurting from that ransack!
by Av3DJ July 21, 2010
A game where the last person doing "The Sign Of Ransack"in fact, GETS Ransacked.
" I'm going to Ransack you! "
by Fcukface; December 1, 2009
Derogatory term for beligerent males of indeterminable sexual origin, implying aggressiveness in the homosexual act without necessarily seeking consent. Most rectum ransackers are found in all male communities, e.g. Prison, Public School, etc.

Joe's doing 6 months in Barlinnie.....Imagine the rectum ransackers that'll be firin' it up his ass on a regular basis?
by Erchie McGeakle December 21, 2006