18 definitions by djslut

A bondage/SM porn actor/actress who thinks that by calling themselves a "model" it makes what they do "art" and not jack-off material
That slut calls herself a fetish model when all she is a two bit whore who sucks cocks for cash
by djslut September 20, 2005
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An exclamation, often used to follow up a particularly ubelievable statement
"Your granny called you a bitch?! I said DAMN!"
by djslut September 23, 2005
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a bit like a cross between wanksters and goths; urban ghetto youth who often wear all black but miss the point of the goth aesthetic by also displaying elements of wannabe gangsta culture such as gang signs, baggy pants, iced-out jewelry and homeboy slang, and often displaying a complete ignorance of gothic music
Goth: This club is full of ghetto batz, let's get out of here
by djslut September 21, 2005
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The obvious exaggerated size of either the left or right nostril over the other due to excessive and prolonged cocaine abuse
"Damn, check out Paris Hilton's huge coke nostril!"
by djslut September 20, 2005
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to walk around a public area with your testicles hanging out of your fly
I wanted to ballwalk across the sorority house lawn and scare away all the pledges
by djslut September 20, 2005
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1. an Australia breed of python native to the Queensland region having markings which resemble an Oriental carpet

2. The male member sliding into an unshaven vagina
1. I have a jungle carpet python in a 50 galon aquarium

2. Her pussy was really hairy, but I gave her the carpet python anyway
by djslut September 20, 2005
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waking up with an erection that you've slept on such that it's crooked and points to the west
my dong hurt from the westwood in my pyjamas this morning
by djslut September 20, 2005
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